Build. Drive. Make Mistakes. Learn.

Build a self-driving RC car and learn the basics of AI and Robotics
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Self-Driving Industry

$850 billion

Market Cap by 2050


Lives Saved Globally


Annual Growth Rate

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a self driving Robocar kit that gives you a hands on approach to learning the world of experimental self-driving technology. It's the perfect tool to teach you the basics of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics empowering you to create cars and robots of your own and we are there to help every step of the way!

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Build your Zoom

We teach you the blueprint so you are able to put your Zoom together and learn the fundamental hardware components required to build every self driving car.


Our interactive platform helps you get your Zoom up and running to collect training data so you can teach your Zoom to drive itself. The better you drive, the better your Autopilot!

Artificial Intelligence

We walk you through the basics of artificial intelligence and teach you the basics of training your car with data collected from your driving session.


After training you have a brand new autopilot to load onto your Zoom and see your training in action. Robots are kind of like humans the more you teach the better it drives.

Demystify AI and robotics when you build Zoom.