We believe in the power of hands-on learning.

We started botsensei because we experienced a lack of project based learning in our own education throughout middle and high school. It wasn't until we went to well-funded universities, with *expensive* project oriented courses, that we experienced the power of taking a concept, integrating it, and seeing the result right before your eyes.

Now, with the rise of artificial intelligence and robotics there's a great need for people who not only understand but can apply these concepts, because now they have real world effects, negative or positive. We've gotten away with learning only theory from books for so many years but the next 20 years will pave way to robots and intelligent machines doing things humans do and often times better. So, we must ensure that the future know how to build and use these machines to better the human collective.

Our mission is to make learning these concepts hands on and accessible to all.

Join us to build things that make the hard parts of life easy so that we can spend more time exploring, laughing, and loving!

Who We Are

Engineers. Educators. Hands On Learners.

Zeeshan Faizal

Founder, CEO

Focuses on Product and Engineering

Adnan Jahan

Founder, COO

Focuses on Sales and Marketing

Lentin Joseph

Chief Curriculum Officer

Focuses on Curriculum Development

Matt Stillings

Strategic Planning Mentor, President at RexNord Water Management

Susan Fischer

Manufacturing Advisor, President at Premier Manufacturing Corp.

Kate Lewis

Marketing Advisor, Partner at Nottingham Associates

George Monaco

Legal Advisor, Attorney

Jeff Kubas

Talent Acquisition Mentor, President at Flexicorps Recruiting

J. Shah

Angel Investor, Partner at Cognizant LLC.

Join us in the hands on education revolution!

Ready. Set. Zoom.

Start Your Engines!

  • May 2018

    School's Out

    We'd been working together as partners on an industrial automation business when we saw the clear push towards autonomous vehicles within the industry, but also a great lack of individuals who knew about the fundamental driving this movement. We took the common philosophies of starting small and applying ideas quickly and fused them to develop Zoom!

  • June 2018

    Prototypes. Prototypes. More Prototypes.

    We spent the next following month pooling resources, learning more ourselves, and stress testing prototypes. Our MVP, minimum viable prototype, was finally ready for a pilot. We brought in users of all ages to test engagement and ultimately how much they enjoyed learning about AI and robotics. It was time to Zoom.

  • July 2018


    The next month was spent finding reliable suppliers, developing our interactive learning platform and tutorials to help you start your AI journey! To help we merged with Robocademy, an educational platform with over 1000 users, so that we can best teach you.

  • Current

    We're Zoomin'

    Now we're working hard to perfect our product to help inspire you and the future about building technologies that make the hard parts of life easy so that people can spend more time exploring, laughing, and loving.

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