bot sensei for education

What is bot sensei?

Everything you and your students need to prepare for the future of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
The hardware and software you need to educate your students about the fundamentals of AI and Robotics
The hard parts are revealed slowly over time so you can focus on the basics and build as you go
Hours of learning material, on demand video or call support, and a vibrant community of educators makes it easy to use and easy to learn

Every education package comes with the hardware, software, support, training, and resources needed so that you and your students can understand fundamental concepts and build

Lesson Plans

We provide the blueprint to guide you and your students to apply and learn AI and Robotics

Engaging Tutorials

Online tutorials to bring bot sensei right into your classroom

Progressive Projects

Iterate and build with our add-on projects so the learning never stops!

Community and Support

A vibrant community of educators, hobbyists, and developers are ready to help whenever something goes or wrong

Complete Educator Packages


Complete Kits

Maker Pack

Perfect for a workshop or your local makerspace




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Complete Kits

Club Pack

Perfect for a boy or girl scout group, school club or university project




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Complete Kits

Educator Pack

Perfect for a fully immersive course. Allowing every student to be equipped with necessary tools to grasp emerging technologies.




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