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Self-Driving Robocar Starter Kit

Self-Driving Robocar Starter Kit

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Robocar is based on Donkeycar  which is an open source DIY self driving platform for small scale cars. It uses a Raspberry Pi 3B with a camera to control an RC car to learn how to drive around tracks autonomously. Autonomous driving is achieved by recording images and your inputs while you're driving it, then it uses Tensorflow to learn from you. So you're teaching the car to drive like you!

The starter kit includes everything you need to get started. It includes:

  • Self-Driving Robocar Guide

    • A guide to help you build the Robocar and a brief introduction to the basics of self-driving cars. Read The Book!

  • 1/16th SCale Brushed Motor RC Car Base

    • RC car fully tested with the Donkey Car platform

  • 3D Printed Top Cage

  • 3D Printed Base Plate

  • Raspberry Pi 3B

    • The brain of the self driving RC car

  • Wide Angle Raspberry Pi Camera

    • The eye of the self driving RC car

  • 16GB Micro SD Card

    • Storage for the Donkey Car platform and enough to hold training data for autonomous driving

  • Servo Driver PCA 9685

    • Controls the throttle and steering of the RC car

  • All other accessories

    • Wires and screws to build the Donkey Car

  • Tape

    • To make your initial track

We have added some enhancements to the Donkey Car platform to make this starter kit:

  • Loaded a stable version of the Donkey Car code onto the SD card so you could start as quickly as possible

  • Included a PiSwitch to allow for safer power management

  • Included software which doesn’t require any knowledge of code or python

If you can find all other parts in your country and just cannot find the RC car, you could just order the RC Car Chassis from us.

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